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Cure CX3 Putter Review

High MOI = Holing More Putts

By David Theoret

Since Cure Putters became a serious contender in the highly competitive putter industry a few years ago, their extremely high MOI putters have become well known on the Champions, PGA, and LPGA Tours. For 2017, Cure has launched the CX3 line in three different models: CX1, CX2 and CX3.

All three new models deliver the stability and incredible forgiveness of a High MOI mallet in a traditional mid-mallet head shape. The T-Bar alignment aid is just another added benefit.

Cure Putters are precision milled in the USA. The head of the CX3 putter is slightly over 5" in length and features tungsten weight inserts in the heel and toe that deliver an extremely High MOI. There's another 48g of weight that can be adjusted with the 8 removable weights that come with your putter. This creates a weight range of 360g - 408g, making it one of the heaviest putters available today.

The new Cure CX3 delivers a superior roll, thanks to a higher center of gravity, lower loft and a deeper face that impacts the ball at the equator. This gets the ball rolling sooner which helps it stay on the intended line. Best of all, the Cure CX3 conforms to USGA rules, so it can be played in all tournaments.

Last Word: The CX3 combines the performance advantages of a High MOI mallet putter with the simple, clean appearance of a mid-mallet, giving you the best of both worlds! The large, black head can be a bit of a distraction, especially on short putts, and the sheer, massive head will not appeal to everyone. But if you're a golfer that struggles with keeping your hands and wrists quiet through the hitting zone, then this putter might cure (pun intended) your woes. Because of the size, mass and "easy-to-square-the- clubface" design of the Classic Series CX3, it's almost impossible to swing offline. Plus, it will quickly make you feel better about your putting game.

With all of the weight options in the head, getting it "dialed in" may can be time consuming, but if you put in the effort, it will pay off in the long run. Once there, you'll find yourself sinking more longer putts and three-putting a lot less.

The new Cure CX3 putter is available in either a center shaft or heel shaft design and in a right-hand orientation only. Two different shafts are available: chrome or Black PVD ($25 upcharge). Available shaft lengths are 34" and 35". Retail price on the new CX line is $299.95 and can be purchased online at


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Written By: David Theoret

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