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Oakley Fairway Stand Bag Review


Oakley Fairway Stand Bag Review

Lightweight and Durable

By David Theoret

Oakley continues to forge ahead and create a presence in the golf industry. After getting out of the footwear business, they have gone full bore into golf bags and sunglasses specifically for golfers. Their newest offering in the golf bag arena is the Fairway Stand Bag. Weighing in at a scant 7 pounds, this 100% polyester carry bag features a 4-point strap system, 5-way divider and 7 pockets, more than enough to haul everything you'll need during a round of golf.

Let's start at the top and work our way down. The 7" opening is divided into 5 slots and holds a complete set of clubs easily. Although the dividers are not sewn all the way down, I never had a problem getting clubs out or putting them back in. In fact, I also have an Orange Whip training stick and alignment rods in my bag and everything moves in and out quite easily. A large handle with Oakley's patented Octostick grip makes lifting this bag effortless.

If you like to walk and carry your bag, Oakley's 4-point strap system with their Red Code shoulder straps provide comfort no matter what you've got crammed in the pockets. Speaking of pockets, the fairway stand bag has seven of them, including a velour lined valuables pocket that will keep things safe, secure and dry; it's big enough for your wallet AND smartphone. Just below the valuables pocket is another pocket that's perfect for golf gloves - new or used. The water bottle pocket is insulated, keeping your cold beverages colder that much longer. The full-length side pocket will hold a pair of shoes and jacket easily and also has a mesh pocket inside to provide extra security.

On the front are two pockets - one for golf balls and a second just behind it that's an insulated cooler. Add bonus - this section of the bag completely unzips, making it a lot easier to ice down your favorite libations and zip it back into position on the bag. It also makes cleaning out the cooler after your round that much easier. The seventh pocket is located just below the water bottle pocket and is perfect for tees, pencils and ball markers. The left side has a pad for the hip, to make the carrying process that much more comfortable.

To me, the key component to any stand bag is the stand. Most of the bags I've had in the past have given out, the legs splayed out like Bambi on a bender. The mechanics and guts of the kick stand system are hidden behind a layer of fabric, meaning they won't get caught up on anything, say when you pull it in and out of the trunk (based on past experiences). The kick stand system and spring seems to be pretty durable.

Last but not least, it's important for a stand bag to be able to adapt. What I mean is this: no one walks ALL the time; sometimes you're fortunate to hitch a ride on a cart. When this happens, your stand bag needs to fit on a golf cart, cleanly and efficiently. No legs popping out in front as you drive down the fairway and, most importantly, everything must be easily accessible. The Fairway Stand Bag meets these criteria; there's even a special channel to store the carry strap out of the way of pockets and zippers.

Oakley's Fairway Stand Bag is available in either White or Black. There are large elliptical "O" logo on the full-length pocket to help identify the brand. And, if that's not enough, Oakley is spelled out on the other side pocket. The Fairway Stand Bag retails for $160.00 and can be purchased on their website,

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